going back to work? Here are some Google Maps hacks for you


After two long years of staying indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, markets and offices are finally starting to open. This means that we are in a race to reach home in the morning and evening in colleges and offices back in the pre-Covid era. It also means that we are back in a state of traffic jams and delays. Thankfully, Google Maps has enough tricks up its sleeve that can help us commute smartly.

So guys, while we’re moving from work from home to hybrid-working the old-fashioned way, it’s time to hone your Google Maps skills. Here are some tips and tricks that will come in handy.

take a look what’s inside

Google is great for looking for places to visit and outside, but it’s also good for looking for places inside. Like a mall or a shop inside a big building. You can find out what’s inside a large building by finding a location on the map, clicking on it, and then scrolling down to the directory.

add multiple locations

Usually, our commute involves traveling from one destination to another. But it may also happen that you have to stop early in between. For example, you’ll need to bring your best friend a cake for her birthday before you can get home. In Google Maps, you can add multiple destinations to your commute.

what you need to do: Open the Google Maps mobile app > Enter your starting point and your end destination > Tap the three dots in the top-right corner > Tap the Add stop option > Type in the location you want to stop in the middle > Adjust Drag and drop Tour > Tap on Finish option.

Access Google Maps Offline

It is true that you need internet connectivity to access Google Maps. But there’s a hidden feature in Google Maps that lets you download a map so you can navigate un-networked areas or un-networked areas without getting lost.

what you need to do: Type the address or region you want to travel to > swipe up on the menu at the bottom of the screen > tap the ellipsis icon > select Download offline maps. By doing this the map will be saved in your smartphone.

share a ride

Modern day commutation is all about sharing a ride. While cab service services give users an option to share a ride, Google Maps also has an option in which users can search for shared rides.

what you need to do: Enter your destination > click on the icon of the figure attempting to hail a cab. You will now be presented with nearby rideshare options along with estimated times and fares. Now all you have to do is tap on Open App to book your ride.

find your parking space

It is really helpful. It often happens that we forget where we have parked our vehicles, especially when we go out on a shopping spree. Thankfully, Google Maps has a feature that lets you pin a parking location so that you can easily find your vehicle.

what you need to do: Drop a PIN at the location where you have parked your vehicle > Tap on the pop-up menu > Tap on the three dots on the right > Tap on ‘Set as parking location’ option.

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