Geophone Next is coming soon: here’s what you need to know

JioPhone Next Ganesh Chaturthi release delayed, availability pushed to Diwali 2021

The Geophone Next Rollout will start before Diwali, though it was originally planned for September 10th. Reliance Jio then mentioned that the phones of a limited number of users were being tested with a wide rollout scheduled before Diwali.

Although the lack of chips is acting as a plague of technology hubs and delays in making smartphones, reports predict that delays in the Geophone Next Delivery Plan are linked to a global chip shortage. The company said last month that “extra time” would help reduce the “current industry-wide, global semiconductor shortage”.

The new Geophone Next will work as an upgrade for feature phone users and is looking to get a touch-screen with better features at an affordable price. “Devices and operating systems will provide premium capabilities that are paired with the most powerful smartphones ever, including the voice-first feature that allows people to receive content and navigate the phone in their own language, providing a great camera experience and getting the latest Android features. And security updates, ”Geo noted last month.

While some details of the upcoming Geo phone have been revealed at the company’s RIL AGM 2021, Geo has not revealed any details about the price. To recall, Geophone Next was announced in June and was designed in collaboration with Google. Here is what we know so far about the new Geo phone.

JioPhone Next: Prices in India

As mentioned, Geo has not disclosed the price of its affordable device, however, several reports have estimated that the price of the new Geo phone could be Rs 3,499 in India.

JioPhone next feature

Although not specifying the details of the Geo specification, the company has confirmed that its latest phone will get the “latest Android release and security update”. Read aloud on the new Geo phone and now have the Translate feature and will be preloaded with Google Play.

The phone will offer a single rear camera with HDR mode and a Snapchat lens that will be directly accessible from the phone’s camera. Geophone Next will support Google Assistant, which will allow users to receive live cricket scores, weather updates using voice commands. Someone else will be able to help the digital assistant play music on the Geo Savan or check the geo balance on the My Geo app.

Past reports suggest that the phone may come with a 5.5-inch display, Qualcomm QM215 SOC, and 2,500mAh battery and 2GB / 3GB RAM option. The device can run on Android 11 (Go version) and support 4G connection.

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