Genshin Impact Lost Riches event is back; Will run until August 16: Details here

Genshin Impact Lost Riches event is back: Details here

Jenshin Impact is one of the most popular mobile games currently available. Although the game has recently received a major update, which has brought a whole new area to explore. Its developer, miHoYo is currently planning to bring back their popular Lost Reaches event. MiHoYo has confirmed the new via Genshin Impact’s official Twitter handle.

The Lost Reaches event will begin in August and run until August 1. During the event, players need to find hidden treasures throughout the game by interacting with the treasure-seeking silly. Players who complete the event will be rewarded with prizes and a unique mini silly gadget.

Jenshin Impact: The Lost Reaches Event

The Jenshin Impact Lost Reaches event will begin in August and players must have an Adventure score above 0 to qualify for participation. Players will also have to finish the Ritu Escape Plan, which is a preliminary search for the new Inazuma region.

A total of 114 treasures have been added to the challenge, which will be revealed by an event-exclusive NPC Ulman. NPC is going to release two new fields every week which is trying to spread the whole incident in 10 days interval.

miHoYo will also release a new Ulman’s Treasure Book, using which players can find these new treasures through maps. Silly treasures will brighten up if they are buried in a nearby area.

The post-Jenshin Impact Lost Reaches event is back; Will run till 16th August: Details first published here in BGR India.

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