Genshin Impact 2.4 Update Countdown: Release timing, rewards, new characters, maps, and more


Genshin Impact 2.4 Update: Genshin Impact is getting a major update this week, which will bring several changes including Enkanomiya’s underwater island location and new pole arm fighters four-star Yun Jin and five-star Shenhe.

Maintenance for the Genshine Impact 2.4 update will begin at 10am GMT (3:30AM IST, Wednesday) and is expected to last for five hours. Countdown to the latest updates, rewards, characters, add-ons, everything to look forward to.

Genshin Impact 2.4 update: Release timeline, characters, new map, and more

As mentioned, maintenance for the Genshine Impact 2.4 update will begin on January 5th and last for five hours. Once it’s over, players will be able to play the game and try out new variations.

The patch will bring a new Enkanomia map, which is an underwater floating island under the sea. After the update, players will gain access to Fleeting Colors and new content in-flight. The new banners of Polarm Fighters five-star Shenhe and four-star Yun Jin will go live after maintenance.

Notably, the Fleeting Colors in Flight will take place at the upcoming Lantern Ritual Festival at Jenshin Impact. Playing in the event, players will have the chance to receive a free Ningguang skin, a free Liu-based 4-star character, and Primogames, the Ascension material.

As far as the new content is concerned, gamers will face primordial Bathysmal Wishes bosses who simultaneously hunt and attempt to shoot using projectile spells.

Speaking of rewards, players will receive 300 PrimoGems as compensation for the maintenance period, and will be delivered via in-game mailboxes within five hours of update launch. One must reach Adventure Rank 5 to be eligible to receive the reward.

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