Future iPhones still likely to feature under-display Face ID, Touch ID


Rumors that Apple will launch an iPhone with an under-display Face ID scanning technology and an iPhone with a Touch ID sensor under the display have been circulating for a while now. At this point, it’s natural to think that these are just rumors that may never turn into anything. However, two new reports say otherwise. Apple is reportedly still working on implementing Touch ID and Face ID under the display of future iPhones.

The first source is a well-known industry analyst Ross Young, who said that Apple has been forced to delay plans to launch the under-display Face ID technology by at least a year. Since some previous rumors indicated the technology arriving on the 2024 iPhone, the timeline has now been pushed back to 2025. Young cites “censor issues” as the reason for the delay.

Touch ID is only available on the current SE model as Apple switched to Face ID with the launch of the iPhone X. It is unclear whether the two technologies will co-exist on the iPhone.

Talking about Face ID, a report from Korean blog Navar, which has a good track record of predicting Apple-related developments, said that Apple has made some progress in the development of under-display Touch ID, but that its launch timeline depends entirely on the success of the under-display Face ID technology. Will depend , The report states that the under-screen Touch ID remained on track for two to three years after the under-display Face ID was launched.

The bottom line is that Apple is working on both under-display Touch ID and Face ID, but the success of the former depends on the reception of the latter in the market. Apple is exploring the complexity of applying biometrics to the sensors used to authenticate users’ access to the iPhone — something Android phone makers did a few years ago.

Complicating here may be a new system that combines components such as shortwave infrared and optical systems, which Apple is developing. The Touch ID system in development will not only let users unlock the iPhone but also let them measure oxygen saturation and pulse rate. It has also been reported to be advanced enough to tell whether the user is wearing gloves and whether the user’s finger is wet or dry, by showing a situational detection rate.

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