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From Gaganyaan to Venus, these are ISRO’s space missions for the year 2022


Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Chairman K Sivan has admitted that due to the impact of the Corona epidemic, very little work was done in the institute in 2021 last year. He said that the effect of the lockdown imposed last year is still being seen as ISRO has to reduce the speed of all activities following the guidelines and rules of the government.

Gaganyaan Mission

The Indian space mission program will begin in 2022 with the ‘Gaganyaan’ mission and by the end of the year the Indian space agency will also launch two unmanned missions. The Indian government has also stated that, in the next few years, the Indian space agency will launch a Venus mission, a solar mission, and a mission to build a space station. Although there has been some delay in India’s space program due to the Kovid epidemic, but this year India will carry out many more missions.

Through the Gaganyaan mission, any person will be able to travel to the low orbit of the earth. More than 500 establishments are involved in this mission.

ISRO-CNES Joint Mission

Work is underway on ISRO-CNES joint mission ‘Trishna’. The country’s famous scientist Sivan wrote in his message on ISRO’s website, ‘I have instructed to launch the first unmanned mission before the 75th anniversary of India’s independence i.e. 15 August 2022. All the teams associated with this mission are making their efforts. Best to meet this deadline. I am sure we will achieve this goal.”

ocean mission

Apart from the Gaganyaan mission, ISRO has also started ocean exploration and in the next few years, India’s technology will become global in space and sea. A manned submarine will be developed in it. The name of this project is ‘Samudrayaan’. He further pointed out that the National Institute of Ocean Technology, an autonomous institute under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, had earlier developed and tested a manned submarine system for a water depth rating of 500 metres.

2021 Mission

Last year only two successful PSLVE missions were conducted by ISRO. One of which was a dedicated mission by its commercial arm New Space India Limited (NSIL).

Post Gaganyaan to Venus, here are ISRO’s space missions for the year 2022 that first appeared on BGR India.


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