Free Fire: How to get powerful Cord Killspark Shinobi gun skin, free emotes, diamonds in BR game

Free Fire: How to get powerful Kord Killspark Shinobi gun skin, free emotes, diamonds in the BR game

Free Fire Weapon Royal: Gerena BR has come up with a new cord titled Killspark Shinobi Skin. It’s no surprise for developers to refresh content and add new characters, gun skins, emotes from time to time. From hosting events to offering redeem codes, Garena does her best to keep her players connected to the game. Freefire has recently surpassed one billion downloads and is expected to take the hot seat as the top-ranked game on the Google Play Store.

That said, the developer has recently introduced the new skin cord Killspark Shinobi through Weapon Royal.
“Get strong gun skin now with Arms Royal. Pair it with new incubator bundles for maximum fashion effect,” Freefire posted on its official Instagram India handle.

If you are wondering how to get the skin of the powerful cord Killspark Shinobi gun, here is a simple step by step guide

How To Get Cord Killspark Shinobi Gun Skin In Free Fire

Step 1- Open the game on your device and go to the In-Game Events section.

Step 2- Find the Arms Royal event

Step 3- Spin the wheel using the diamond aka in-game coin until you get hold of the skin of the new gun.

If you go beyond diamonds and can get new gun skin, here are a few alternative options that can help you get free diamonds at Free Fire.

Players can choose Buah! Garena is a dedicated gaming content sharing app, it hosts free fire events and competitions where anyone can join to win a free diamond. Other options include – Google Opinion Rewards, Poll Pay and Easy Rewards – GPT (Get-Paid to) applications that allow you to take part in surveys and quizzes and give rewards that can be used to grab free diamonds in Free Fire. That said, here are a few tricks you can follow if you are looking for a job to get free emoticons in the BR game.

Strategies to get free emotes in Free Fire

Redeem codes are the best way to capture free emotes and even gun skins in Free Fire. We’ve listed the free fire codes for July that you can find at this link. Elite pass is another option to hold emits. The developers add a bunch of free bright emotes and gun skins to the Elite Pass each season for free. Last but not least, players can actively participate in in-game events to get various prizes.

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