Free AirPods with this MacBook, iPad model for students in India: How to get a deal

Free AirPods with these MacBook, iPad models for students in India: How to get the deal

College and university students in India as well as other parts of the world have face-to-face water deals on offer. Apple’s annual education offer has now been promoted online directly on the Apple Store, which launched just last year. The best thing about the offer is that if a student buys a qualified MacBook / iMac and iPad, he or she will get an AirPod for free. Isn’t that funny?

The Apple Education discount offer is not available on all MacBook models or iPad models. Eligible devices under offer include – MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro and Mac Mini; IPad Pro and iPad Air. To accept the offer, students in the country can simply purchase a qualified Mac or iPad for college / university and get AirPods (wired charging). Apple also offers the opportunity to upgrade the AirPods wireless charge to Rs 4,000 or the AirPods Pro to Rs 10,000.

It’s not just that. Additionally, technology giant Apple Care is offering 20 percent off, Apple Pencil and keyboard education discounts, Apple Music Student plans for 49,000 / month, including free Apple TV +, and Apple Arcade for free 3 months, then 99 / month.

Apple clarifies that “the offer is available to current and newly accepted college / university students, their purchasing parents and teachers and staff at all levels, and is available in the special education section of the Apple Store Online.” The company added that “the offer is subject to availability. When the stock runs out. “

Interested students who want to avail this offer should first verify their eligibility through the institution’s email address or credit card style student ID. In addition to existing college and university students and newly accepted college and university students, Apple students are looking to buy the offer a new Mac or iPad for their kids, and teachers and staff at all levels of the educational institution.

Apple said in a statement on its website that “students studying at a college or university whose individual institution’s email address or credit card style student ID is issued directly by their institution qualifies for a UNDEDS account,” Apple stated on its website.

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