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Foxconn India to reopen its iPhone manufacturing facility on January 12

Global supply chain shortage can last until the second half of next year: Foxconn

Foxconn India will reopen its iPhone manufacturing facility in Sriperumbudur on the outskirts of Chennai on January 12. The plant will reopen on Wednesday with about 500 workers. About 100 workers arrived at the plant earlier this week and more are expected by tomorrow. However, resuming operations with a full strength of around 17,000 employees is expected to take time as the iPhone manufacturing facility is being reopened in phases.

According to a Reuters report, K ​​Selvaperunthagai, the member of the state assembly for the region, said Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin told the assembly late on Friday that the plant would reopen on Wednesday.

To recall, Foxconn India’s Sriperumbudur facility that manufactures the iPhone 12 and is testing the manufacturing of the iPhone 13 was shut down on December 18 last month after over 250 of its employees were moved to dormitories run by the manufacturing firm. Was hospitalized due to food poisoning. Following the incident, Apple placed the company on probation to fully investigate the matter. At the time, the company said that it had worked with the supplier to ensure “some remote dorm accommodation and dining rooms used for staff do not meet our requirements” and that “a comprehensive set of remedial actions to work”. implemented quickly.”

Now, both the companies are set to gradually welcome the entire workforce to off-site accommodation and dining rooms in Sriperumbudur. “Workers will slowly start coming back as soon as we make sure our standards are being met in every dorm and dining area,” an Apple spokesperson told the agency earlier this week.

A Foxconn spokesperson said, “We are working on a number of improvements to fix the issues found at offsite hostel facilities in Sriperumbudur and to enhance the services we provide to our employees.”

Foxconn said in a statement, “We have implemented a number of corrective actions to ensure this doesn’t happen again and have a rigorous monitoring system in place to ensure that workers can raise any concerns anonymously.” Huh.”

Foxconn India will reopen its iPhone manufacturing facility on January 12, first appeared on BGR India.


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