Forza Motorsport gameplay details and availability revealed


Back in June, the upcoming Forza Motorsport title was confirmed to be in the works and expected to release this year. While we are in the first month of 2023, Turn 10 has revealed more details about the game showing a demo of the game and some in-game details.

Forza Motorsport gameplay details, release schedule

In today’s Developer’s Direct recap for the year, the upcoming Forza motorsport game was showcased and confirmed to launch later this year. Along with this, the developers of the game also showcased an early demo of the game.

Forza Motorsport, the eighth title in the series, is confirmed to feature over 500 cars. There will be over 100 new cars for players to collect. Additionally, there will be over 800 upgrades available in the game.

Revealing these details in the demo, the developers and the team behind Forza Motorsport said that it is the ‘most technologically advanced racing game ever’.

The gameplay demo shows off the in-game environment revealing physics, reflections and shader details. The motorsport title is said to have been optimized for a complete ray tracing experience.

This time, the studio painted the car using a spectra-photometer, which captured multiple data points and light behavior.

That said, the reaction of the light to the car’s color, metallic feel and shine is much more realistic. The creation of dirt and dust while racing on the tracks is said to suit the realistic visuals.

Apart from the visuals, the studio has also worked on improving the sound in the game. Each car in the game has a variety of sounds and the sound stage is built entirely from the ground up. The developers also confirmed support for Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic.

Forza Motorsport will replace Forza Motorsport 7 and will be available on Xbox Series X|S, PC (Steam) and Game Pass later this year.

The gameplay details and availability of Forza Motorsport were first revealed by BGR India.

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