Former Starlink India chief unveils plans to write white paper on broadband and poverty


Elon Musk’s Starlink is facing problems in dealing with India’s licensing framework and will have to refund all the money it paid for pre-bookings. Following the DoT order, the company’s country head Sanjay Bhargava resigned from his post. Bhargava decided to retire and now he has revealed his retirement plans

In a LinkedIn post, Bhargava mentioned that he plans to write a short white paper on India’s future in the broadband ecosystem. The title of the short whitepaper is self-explanatory: “Good broadband across India by December 2023 and ending poverty by 2030. Is it possible?”

In his post, he also shared his concerns that his new work could be interpreted in a way that he did not intend.

Here’s what Bhargava’s post says, “I have always tried to give back to India by not blaming anyone and motivating everyone in the last seventeen years. As I retire, I am looking to write a short white paper on “Good broadband across India by December 2023 and ending poverty by 2030″. Is this possible? My concern is that even if my intentions are good, my words will be distorted, and all manner of motives will be stated, although my sole purpose is to achieve the METRO (Measurable Timebound Real Outcome) mentioned in the title To provoke thought. There are so many talented minds in India, so my hope is that these results will be achieved even if I retire and do nothing. If yes then please like this post. The number of likes will be one of the factors I consider as I decide to publish or not. My possible deadline to publish is January 15, 2022. I’ve turned off comments.”

Starlink is planning to launch satellite internet in India and has also taken bookings from around 5000 Indian customers. However, DoT recently asked the SpaceX-owned company to refund the entire amount to consumers. Starlink will need to obtain the necessary licenses before commencing sales of its service in India.

Once launched, Starlink has the potential to compete with Airtel and JioFiber broadband. The service aims to provide broadband connectivity to remote areas of the country with the help of its satellites. Starlink will have a unique advantage in this regard as SpaceX continues to invest in satellites.

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