‘Food with worms crawling in it’: Foxconn female worker describes her harrowing ordeal


The Foxconn plant in Chennai, which assembles iPhones in India, is under the lens again after new reports emerged of the poor living conditions of women in dormitories and hostels. The new Reuters report cited six women working at the factory. The dire living conditions were made worse by stale food, which was also an issue at the center of a recent food-poisoning incident at the Foxconn Chennai plant.

The women claimed that they lived in cramped rooms with residents between the ages of six and 30. These hostels lacked some basic facilities like flush toilets or even running water. Making the situation worse, the workers claimed that they sometimes found food crawling with insects.

Reuters claims he spoke to six different women living in a worker’s hostel at the Foxconn plant. These women decided to hide their names to avoid being fired or questioned by the police.

One of the workers who left the job after the protest told Reuters: “The hostel occupants always had some sort of illness – skin allergies, chest pain, food poisoning,”

“We didn’t make a big deal out of it because we thought it would be fixed. But now, it has affected a lot of people,” she said.

After recent protests, Apple and Foxconn have decided to close the facility and have promised to mark the standard of living of their employees. The workers will be brought back only after the facilities are fixed. According to the report, the workers will be paid during this tenure.

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