Flipkart Refurbished Mobiles: Apple iPhone, Samsung, Pixel devices on sale with huge discounts


Flipkart has a refurbished store where you can buy some used devices from brands like Apple, Google, Samsung, Realme, Redmi, and more. These are used devices and hence Flipkart offers them at exceptionally low prices as compared to the original price. However, the availability of these units may be limited.

According to Flipkart, these refurbished devices require minimal use and work perfectly. They are offered in various price bands ranging from older flagships to some mid-range devices. Flipkart claims that it conducts 47 quality checks by professionals on these refurbished smartphones. You will be able to find deals on iPhone, Mi, Samsung, Vivo, OPPO and more.

The value proposition of these devices is said to be much higher than that of brand new phones.
Flipkart categorizes each refurbished device into different categories based on their condition. Buyers can get a warranty of up to 6 months. The phone also has a 7-day return policy. The biggest caveat is looking for a good deal. Here we will try to spot some of the great deals on offer:

Refurbished Apple iPhones

Apple iPhones cost a lot in India. At least brand new devices and the current generation of flagships. However, Apple devices are known for their relatively long life. Refurbished stores are a good place to get deals on the iPhone you’re eyeing. Even first-time iPhone users can buy these devices to enter Apple’s ecosystem without spending much money.

As of the writing of this article, the refurbished iPhone SE is selling at a price of Rs 8,449 for the 32GB variant. To be clear, this is the first generation of the iPhone SE. Apple iPhone 6s is also selling for Rs 11,999 for the variant with 32GB internal storage. The iPhone 6 Plus is selling for Rs 13,499. The iPhone 7 can be purchased for a price of Rs 14,499. The refurbished iPhone X is still more expensive, selling for Rs 30,999 for the 64GB variant.

Updated Google Pixel

Buyers interested in the refurbished Pixel 3 XL can buy the device for Rs 15,999 for the 128GB storage variant. The 64GB variant can be purchased for as low as Rs 13,899. Pixel 3a XL is on sale, it can be bought for Rs 14,275.

refurbished samsung galaxy

The refurbished Samsung Galaxy S20 is selling at a price of Rs 37,999 for the 128GB variant. The Samsung Galaxy F62 is available for Rs 16,990 for the 128GB variant. The Samsung Galaxy F12 Cab is purchased for Rs 9,997 for the 128 GB variant.

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