Flipkart launches its shopping metaverse called Flipverse


Homegrown e-commerce platform Flipkart on Monday announced that it has partnered with polygon-incubated conglomerate EDAO to launch Flipverse – a metaverse space where consumers can discover products in photorealistic virtual destinations and shop on the Flipkart app. can do.

Using EDAO’s leading Web3 tech stack, the company said Flipverse will provide consumers with a gamified, interactive and immersive shopping experience in the digital world by giving them access to their favorite brands, SuperCoins and digital collectibles.

“The launch of Flipverse will continue to impact innovative industries such as e-commerce and provide a gamified and immersive shopping experience while enhancing the customer experience, especially in light of the adoption of Metaverse and Web3 platforms by many brands in India, Naren Ravula, VP and Head, Product Strategy and Deployment, Flipkart Labs, said in a statement.

“By giving customers access to their favorite brands, offers, SuperCoins and digital collectibles, we aim to improve their shopping experiences in a virtual and immersive setting,” said Ravula.

The launch aims to ‘flip’ the buying story, bringing consumers closer to their favorite brands, where communication goes two ways.

Flipverse will be available on Flipkart’s newly launched platform FireDrops, which can be accessed from the e-commerce platform’s app. This will enable a variety of brands to create unique product launches, discoveries and inspiring experiences to attract and engage users.

Plus, it will give brands the ability to create and create their own Metaverse-ready digital twin in virtual worlds, the company said.

In other news, Flipkart will kick off the second edition of the Big Diwali Sale tomorrow. However, this time only Flipkart Plus members will be able to access the deals. The previous editions of Flipkart’s festive season sale were open to both Plus and regular customers. But Plus members could access the deals at least 24 hours before the open sale. For example, an iPhone 13 Plus priced below Rs 50,000 expired within minutes of making it available to members.


After Flipkart launched its shopping metaverse, called Flipverse, it first appeared on BGR India.

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