Flipkart Big Diwali Sale: Gaming Laptop Received From Flipkart, Found Bada Stone And E-Waste


Chinmay Ramana of Mangalore, Karnataka orders gaming laptop Flipkart In Big Diwali Sale. Upon arrival, he opened the box only to find that he had found a box full of e-waste and old computer parts. Like some of us, he had only seen such frauds happen on social media platforms but saw it in real for the first time.

Flipkart Plus user gets a giant stone and e-waste on ordering a gaming laptop

On October 15, Chinmoy ordered a gaming laptop, the Asus TUF Gaming F15, for his friend, as he had a Flipkart Plus subscription. The product was shipped out sealed-packed on October 20th. It was not an open-box delivery like some items on Flipkart, but the buyer shared an OTP with the delivery person as the box looked fine.

However, when the main packaging of Flipkart was opened, the Asus box inside was tampered with and the barcode and product details were removed. When the box was opened it contained everything except the laptop. It contained old computer parts and e-waste along with a stone, apparently placed to keep the box heavy.

As soon as the buyer learned of this, he requested a return which was not approved by the seller. When Flipkart came to know about the matter, it contacted the seller, however, the seller replied that the product was intact.

Now, the buyer, Chinmoy, hopes that Flipkart will investigate the issue at the earliest and refund or refund the same.

“I reported this to Flipkart on the same day with all the proofs. He replied to me that he needed some time to come back with a solution. On 23 October they emailed me that the seller has declined the return request and the product is not damaged at all during transportation,” said buyer Chinmay.

This is not the first time such scams are happening. Recently a person had ordered a laptop from Flipkart in the Big Billion Days sale but got a detergent soap. Now, we just hope, Flipkart looks into the issue and resolves it.

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