Facebook’s FB Gaming Press Announces Start Virtual Event: First Event for Gamers in India

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Facebook has announced its first gaming event in India ‘FB Gaming Press Start’. The event will span two days on October 19 and October 20. The event will give game developers, publishers and creators across India the opportunity to create Facebook, grow their community and monetize it.

“On Facebook, people can find entertaining gaming videos to watch, follow their favorite creators and game titles, make meaningful connections to gaming groups and chats, discover new games and play those games with people around the world – all in one. In place, ”the social media giant said in a statement.

Geo Hunt, VP of Facebook’s Gaming Business and Operations, Ajit Mohan, Managing Director and Vice President of India, and Manohar Hotchandani, Facebook’s Director of Business Development, will provide the opening address.

Focusing on gaming publishers, the first day consisted of sessions titled ‘Play 101: Facebook Instant Games and Cloud Opportunities’, ‘Get In-App Ads Right With Audience Network’, ‘Supercharge Your Game With Facebook Gaming Services’ and AR. Gaming community.

On the second day, creators, publishers and support companies will be able to check Facebook gaming video programs, gaming creator programs and stories of diversity and monetization from popular gamers in the gaming community.

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