Emojipedia releases new draft emoji: Here are the top emoji coming to iPhone, Android phones this year


Emoji, since its release, have become an essential part of our day-to-day communication. Whether you are chatting with friends or family members or even your colleagues in a work group, emoji are used everywhere to add a tinge of emotion to what would otherwise be boring monotonous conversations. To make our conversation a little more interesting, Emojipedia has released a draft of new emoji that will make their way to Android smartphones and iPhones and to apps like WhatsApp and Samsung Keyboard once approved by the Unicode Consortium.

This year’s list of emoji includes a shaking face emoji, which can be used to convey a jolt, or a strong ‘no’ or even used to notify people about an earthquake. The list also includes grey, cyan and pink heart emoji. The list would be incomplete without food and animal emoji. And so, Emojipedia has included ginger, pea pod and hyacinth in the Food and Plants category and the Moose-face, Jellyfish, Donkey, Goose and a Black bird in the Animal/Bird category.

An interesting emoji is being added to the mix this year that symbolizes Wi-Fi. Until now, emoji fans use the emoji to denote mobile signal when talking about Wi-Fi (yes, the emoji you’ve been using so far isn’t a Wi-Fi emoji). Now, Wi-Fi is finally getting its own emoji in the mix.

However, the most notable entry to the mix is ​​the high-five emoji (yes, it’s finally happening!) This year’s draft emoji include the left pushing hand emoji and the right pushing hand emoji. When used together, these emoji will virtually give the high-five to users who have been using the folded hand emoji until now.

In all, this year’s list includes a total of 31 emoji. These emoji are
– face shaking
– light blue heart
– gray heart
– pink heart
– Right hand pushing (in five colors)
– Pushing the left hand (in five colors)
– moose
– donkey
– wing
– duck
– jellyfish
– Ginger
– water hyacinth
– pea pod
– folding hand fan
– hair pick
– maracassi
– flute
– section
– wireless

Interestingly, this is the first time that just 31 emoji are included in the Emojipedia draft. Emojipedia also acknowledged in its blog that ‘the draft list for Emoji 15.0 has only 31 recommended emoji, while Emoji 14.0 for 2021 has 112 recommendations, while Emoji 13.0 and Emoji 13.1 for 2020 have 334 among them (117 respectively). and 217) are.

That said, the draft first needs to be approved by the Unicode Consortium before a final version of these emoji is released sometime in September this year, after which it will be released by companies such as Google, Apple, Samsung, Meta, and Microsoft. will be included on its platform. ,

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