Elon Musk threatens to sue Microsoft as it drops Twitter from its advertising platform


Twitter CEO Elon Musk has threatened to sue Microsoft over claims that the company illegally used Twitter’s data to train its AI model, namely OpenAI’s ChatGPT. His response came on a tweet which said that Microsoft has decided to remove Twitter from its advertising platform.

“He illegally trained using Twitter data. Time for trial,” Musk wrote in a tweet.


microsoft left twitter

It’s worth noting that the development comes shortly after Microsoft announced it was removing Twitter from its Microsoft advertising plan next week. “Starting April 25, 2023, multi-platform Smart campaigns will no longer be supported by Twitter,” Microsoft wrote In an update on its support page. According to a report in Mashable, the company has started sending a similar email to Microsoft Ads users stating that “Digital Marketing Center (DMC) will no longer support Twitter starting April 25, 2023.”

With this change, users of Microsoft’s advertising platform will be unable to access their Twitter accounts through social management tools, create and manage drafts or Tweets, view past Tweets and engagement, and schedule Tweets.

The development comes shortly after Twitter introduced its new and updated API and shared the pricing for the same, while the Basic plan costs $100 per month, the Enterprise level plan costs $42,000 per month. This has irked a number of big tech companies and indie developers, many of whom have decided to withdraw from the service once the new API access went into effect.

Twitter and its new API access fee

Interestingly, Microsoft’s announcement comes just a day after he appeared on stage at NBC Universal in Miami with the president of global advertising and partnerships, in which he said that ‘advertisers have the right to listen to legitimate concerns about Twitter’ I might, but insisted that he would not change. I do not believe’, TechCrunch informed of, At the event, the Twitter CEO also sought to bring back companies to his platform, which has lost nearly half of its biggest advertisers since Musk’s acquisition last year.

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