Elon Musk Says $8 Monthly Fee For Twitter Blue Tick: How To Apply For Blue Tick


Elon Musk has finally confirmed that Twitter will charge $8 per month if someone wants a “blue tick,” indicating that an account has been verified. “To all complainers, please keep complaining, but it will cost $8,” Musk said. He later added, “Twitter speaks to the masochist within all of us.” Musk also mentioned that the paid service will include fewer ads, priority in replies and the ability to post videos longer than the current limit of 2 minutes 20 seconds.



How to Apply for Blue Tick on Twitter?

The application process is quite simple. All users need to do is click on the ‘Request Verification’ option in the Account Settings page on the web and in-app. Keep in mind that the verification process requires users to confirm their identity by submitting a link along with other supporting materials. Another criterion is that users’ accounts must fall into one of these categories to request verification:

• government
• Companies, brands and organizations
• News organizations and journalists
• Entertainment
• Games and Gaming
• Activists, organizers and other influential people

In addition, those who meet at least one criterion from Column A and one criterion from Column B will also be considered for Blue Tick:

How does Twitter know which accounts to verify?

Twitter says it employs both automated and human review processes to let users review apps. To improve its verification process, Twitter is also considering giving people the option to share demographic information after completing the new verification application.

Twitter to remove blue badges from existing incomplete accounts

Twitter has clarified that blue ticks will be removed automatically from inactive and incomplete accounts starting January 22, although the company will send e-mails and in-app notifications detailing changes that can be made to avoid deletion. . Therefore, those who make the suggested changes till January 22, their blue tick will not be there. Twitter defines a full account as one in which:

• Either a verified email address or phone number
• a profile image
• a display name

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