Elon Musk reveals why he bought Twitter


Elon Musk acquired Twitter in October last year for $44 billion. At the time, his acquisition caused a stir in the tech world because of the long and tumultuous process in which Musk himself convinced Twitter’s board of directors to sell the company before backing out of the deal. At the time, his decision raised a lot of eyebrows because of his rocky relationship with the platform. Now, six months after the acquisition, Tesla’s CEO has finally revealed the reason behind his move.

In an interview with BBC journalist James Clayton, Musk revealed why he bought the company. During the interview, Clayton asked Musk whether his $44 billion Twitter deal was something he did voluntarily or if he feared that the court might force him to buy Twitter. To this Musk replied yes.

Kasturi agreed that he went through with the deal because Twitter’s board of directors filed against him for signing the deal and honoring his initial deal. At the time, Musk believed that his case was not strong enough legally, which is why he decided to honor the deal and make the acquisition.

During the interview, Musk admitted that, after taking over the company, he didn’t really want to do that when he walked onto Twitter with that syncopation and a smiling face.

After taking over Twitter, Musk laid off most of Twitter’s workforce and made a number of changes to the platform. The list not only includes paid verification checkmarks to boost Twitter’s revenue, but also colored checkmarks to identify different types of accounts, removing the old blue checkmarks, making most of Twitter’s recommendation algorithm open source. Are., Making Twitter Blue available to users worldwide and restricting access to the platform’s poll feature to Twitter Blue subscribers.

Most recently, he defaced Twitter’s web home button with a “Doge” meme icon and labeled the BBC and NPR as state-media platforms. Furthermore, they also blocked users from commenting, liking, or sharing Substack links on the platform when the publishing platform introduced its Notes feature.

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