Elon Musk creates a new artificial intelligence company X.AI to compete with OpenAI


Twitter CEO Elon Musk has created a new company called X.AI that will promote Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the ChatGPT era.

The company, incorporated in Nevada, Texas, has Musk as the sole listed director and Jared Birchell, director of Musk’s family office, as secretary, according to a filing.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, X.AI has authorized the sale of 100 million shares for the privately held company.

Musk aims to create an AI firm to take on Microsoft-backed OpenAI, maker of the successful AI chatbot called ChatGPT.

Ironically, it was Musk who initially invested $100 million in OpenAI, but later exited the company.

In recent months, ChatGPT and GPT-4 have become popular around the world.

In March, several top entrepreneurs and AI researchers, including Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, wrote an open letter calling on all AI labs to immediately stop training AI systems more powerful than GPT-4 for at least 6 months. asked for.

The open letter came after reports emerged that Musk tried to take control of OpenAI in early 2018 but Sam Altman and other OpenAI founders rejected Musk’s offer.

According to Semaphore, Musk, in turn, walked away from the company and largely put a stop to the planned donation.

Twitter’s CEO reneged on a promise to supply $1 billion in funding, but contributed only $100 million before leaving.

In March, 2019, OpenAI announced that it was forming a for-profit entity to raise enough money to pay for the computing power.

Less than six months later, Microsoft invested $1 billion in OpenAI, and the rest is history.

OpenAI’s previous valuation was close to $20 billion, making it the most valuable AI-backed company in the world.

Musk has criticized OpenAI several times recently.


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