Elon Musk announces deadline to remove blue ticks of legacy verified Twitter users


Elon Musk has made a new announcement regarding the ongoing Blue Tick controversy on Twitter. The Twitter boss said that the last date to remove the blue ticks of legacy verified users is April 20. What they mean is that users who were verified on Twitter before Musk took over and redesigned the Twitter Blue subscriptions will lose their Blue checks on April 20. ,

In late March, Twitter said legacy verified users would lose their Blue Checks starting April 1, but nothing happened, at least not immediately. Many users speculated that this was an April Fool’s Day joke, but, to their dismay, it was not. A day later, a Twitter verified account — an account that followed users as soon as they received verification in the old system — unfollowed everyone on its list. This turned out to be a sign that the culling of legacy blue ticks on Twitter would begin soon, and now we have a date.

Twitter’s billionaire owner tweeted, “The deadline to remove legacy blue checks is 4/20.”

Who wouldn’t be affected?

The move targets legacy verified users, meaning accounts that were verified before the new Twitter Blue verification system was introduced. Last year, Musk overhauled the Twitter Blue subscriptions to include verification. Only Twitter Blue subscribers will be eligible for Blue Tick. So, if you have a Twitter Blue subscription and blue tick is given as part of it, you will not be affected.

What can legacy verified users do?

April 20 is the last date that legacy verified users get to keep their Blue Tick. After that, there will be no legacy verified users on Twitter. This will only be Twitter Blue subscribers and those who have not subscribed. If you want blue tick next to your name then you have to subscribe to Twitter Blue. There is no other way.

Twitter Blue subscription costs Rs 650 per month and Rs 6,800 annually on web and Rs 900 per month and Rs 9,400 annually on Android and iOS.

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