Electricity bill scam: How innocents are being cheated, payment of fraud bills


The world of scams is spreading fast and more people are falling prey to frauds who are trying to exploit unsuspecting people. One such scam which is in discussion is the electricity bill scam. It takes advantage of the victim’s fear of losing the electricity connection and at the same time lures them by claiming a discount. These fraudsters talk to the victims through popular instant messaging applications and through text messages.

What is an electricity bill scam?

During most of the summer, electricity consumption skyrockets, especially due to air conditioners. Scammers are well aware of this and they try to exploit people by demanding huge amount and misleading them into paying fake bills online.

The scammer sends the user a text message or calls them claiming that their electricity will be cut if they do not pay the bill immediately. To make it a bit authentic, they offer a time frame that is just a few hours from a call or text. Simply searching “electricity bill scam” on Twitter will show you many examples of such messages.

The fraudsters also give a fake number in these text messages, in which the user is asked to verify by calling. They may also offer a limited time deal to pay the bill to get some discount.

How to identify fraudsters of electricity bill scam

Con artists often create a sense of urgency when calling or texting. They will have a commanding tone claiming that they are a representative of your local utility company or energy provider. They will claim that the bill has not been paid or that you have too many bills due. If they do not pay, they will threaten to shut down the electricity immediately.

Here’s What You Can Do to Find Out If You’re Being Cheated

There are a few identifiers that can help you identify scammers:

position 1

They will threaten to cut your electricity immediately without payment

position 2

They won’t have all the details about billing, but they will throw in a random but specific amount to make it valid.

position 3

They will often ask you to pay the money online immediately. This can be through UPI or may even ask for your credit/debit card details

Since most of the victims are elderly, they can be manipulated in giving details and even deduct money using online payment mode.

What to do if you get such a call or text?

You should not engage in conversation as this way a thief will try to intimidate and create confusion. The best option is to contact your energy provider using the official contact details on the bill or on the official website to confirm the billing details. You can also visit the permanent office of the energy provider to get confirmation. One should not pay the amount in a hurry without verifying the bill details himself.

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