Downloading Windows 11 is easier than ever: How to install next generation Windows with ISO files

Windows 11 early preview: Windows goes young

Microsoft announced the next generation of Windows dubbed Windows 11 a few months ago. The follow-up to Windows 10 will be officially released to everyone later this year, probably between September and October. The exact official release date has not been announced yet, so we will have to wait for the technology giant to release it. Ahead of the official release, Microsoft is making Windows 11 easier to download than ever before.

Users can now install the beta version of Windows 11 on any compatible PC via the ISO file. To install the Windows 11 update, compatible PC users only need to sign up for Windows Insider through Microsoft’s official website.

How to easily install Windows 11

Once the sign-up process is complete, visit the Windows Insider preview download page and select an option between a dev channel or a beta channel build. It should be noted that the Dev channel is updated frequently but the beta channel build is more stable. The downside of the beta channel is that it doesn’t get the latest features.

Microsoft is offering ISO files as a download option for Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.160. Users can select these files to “Clean Install” Windows 11 OS on any compatible PC. However, it should be noted that in order to install the next generation Windows, users must have a valid Windows 10 license if they prefer to use this ISO.

Once the download process is complete, users can open it by simply double-clicking on the ISO files and updating their PC to the next generation window. The best part about these ISO files is that they come with all the major features of Windows 11 like any other build.

Some of the key features of Windows 11 include the redesigned Start Menu and Taskbar, the new Chat App, Microsoft Team Integration and more. Additionally, Windows 10 offers more ways to multitask than Windows 10. Microsoft recently teased a new paint app for Windows 11.

Downloading Windows 11 via the ISO file will add all new additions to the next generation of Windows and upcoming or new features.

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