Don’t know your EPFO ​​UAN? How to find your UAN in easy steps

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First, what is UAN and why does our company HR always talk about it? Known as the UAN or Universal Account Number, it is a unique 12-digit number assigned to each salary that contributes to the EPF.

Unique UAN numbers are created and assigned to each PF account holder in the country by the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). The interesting thing about UAN numbers is that regardless of the number of job changes it stays the same through an employee’s career. To use the same UAN everywhere, an employee must make a special request to their organization’s HR team when joining, otherwise a new UAN ID will be created.

Using the UAN number, employees can visit the official EPFO ​​website to check their PF balance and whether their company is regularly depositing money in the account. So, it is important to know a UAN number, you are a salaried person. If you still don’t know your UAN, you can find it by following a few simple steps outlined below.

How to find my UAN number

To know your UAN number, you can simply check your pay slip. The UAN number is mentioned in most of the pay slip issues of the company. If you can’t access the pay slip or find the UAN number on it, there is another way. You can find the unique 12-digit UAN number by visiting the official EPFO ​​portal.

Step 1: Inspection Portal

Step 2: Click on the ‘Know your UAN status’ option shown on the screen

Step 3: Select State and EPFO ​​Office from the dropdown menu

Step 4: Enter the PF number along with personal details like name, date of birth, mobile number and captcha code. You will get PF number on your pay slip

Step 5: Click on the ‘Get Authorization Pin’ option displayed on the screen

Step 6: You will receive a PIN on your registered 10-digit mobile number

Step 7: Enter the PIN and click on the ‘Verify OTP and Get UAN’ button displayed on the screen

Step 8: Universal account number or UAN will be sent to your registered mobile number.

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