Dirt 5 gets a 60 percent discount on steam, offering for less than a day

Dirt 5 gets massive 60 percent discount on Steam, offer to end soon

If you’re in a somewhat rallying mood during this rainy season outside, you’re in luck. The latest Dart 5 from Codemasters is available with a huge discount. If you go to the Steam store, you will see Dart 5 listed under the sales section with a huge discount of 60 percent. The game usually sells for Rs 1,299 in India but you can buy it for Rs 519. The first edition of The One Year is available for Rs 679.

That said, the discount is only available for a limited time. At the time of writing, the discount will only apply for a period of 31 hours. After that, the game will continue to sell at its original price of Rs 1,299. Sadly, the slightly older Dart Rally 2.0 is not available for sale at the moment. The second is a hard rally simulator that often offers discounts below Rs 300.

Dart 5 gets mega discounts on Steam

“DIRT5 is a fun, spacious, off-road arcade racing experience created by codemasters. According to the game’s description on Steam, burn a trail on a route around the world, covering crabs, ice, snow and sand with a roster of cars from Rally icon to truck, GT Hero.

Image: Screenshot from Dart 5

Unlike its predecessors, Dart 5 doesn’t take Dart Rally 2.0 and Dart 4 as seriously. Instead, Dart 5 is a modern rebirth of arcade-style rally driving back in 2009 with Dart 3. Freestyle events like gymkhana and course racing are present at ym dart 5 which can be done with different vehicles of different classes.

In addition to the usual array of off-roaders SUVs and buggies, the Dart 5 also has a rally stage super hatch and a GT car. The game gets the latest graphics technology like ray tracing and superior lighting systems.

In other news from Codemasters, the F1 2021 has been released for PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The F12121 is available at a starting price of Rs 3,499. Unlike last year’s game, the F1 2021 features a new breaking point story mode, along with multiplayer carrier mode and split-screen mode.

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