Dell’s Atul Mehta says Dell will soon launch G15, G16 laptops in India


Dell recently launched the Alienware M18 and Alienware X16 gaming laptops in India. These laptops were first showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 in January this year along with the Alienware M16 and Alienware X14 laptops. Ahead of the event, we sat down for a chat with Atul Mehta, Senior Director and General Manager, Indian Consumer Channel, Dell, to understand what products from the company’s global lineup we should expect to see in India this year, and how The company is planning to expand its retail footprint in the country.

During our conversation, the Dell executive told us that while the company has decided to introduce the Alienware M18 and X16 gaming laptops from its CES 2023 lineup in India, it will launch the other two models from the lineup, namely the Alienware M16 and X16. The Alienware X14 if it sees an uptick in consumer demand.

“Whatever we have launched in the country is based on a lot of customer insights. Currently, we have selected these two models for India. As we see more demand for various products in the country… all these products will keep on developing,” he said.

During CES 2023, Dell also showcased the G15 and G16 gaming laptops, which were missing from the lineup that the company recently introduced in India. While Dell hasn’t launched the G15 and G16 laptops in India yet, it plans to do so soon. When asked if the company is planning to bring these devices to India, the Dell executive said that it has already planned a launch later this year.

“So, for that, again, the launch is planned… The G-series is a starting price point for us in the country. The G series, it starts at around $900 plus, and that’s where the meat of the market is. Hence, you will continue to see a new product launch in the G series as well,” Mehta said without commenting on a possible timeline.

During our conversation, the Dell executive also shared his insights on consumer buying trends in India. Asked whether the company is seeing more purchases online or through physical retail stores, Mehta said a mix of both in the post-pandemic era.

“And as we see in the last two years, things have changed. Pre-Covid, it was more retail and less online. But post Covid, what we are seeing is that there is a good mix of both,” said Mehta.

“And as I also mentioned in my presentation, the retail experience is the clear cog in the wheel for us because there are a lot of Roku customers who do their research online and shop online, shop offline. So, what we see is the right mix. And as Dell, we’re focused on both,” he said.

Talking about the shopping trends in metropolitan cities versus tier two and tier three cities, Mehta said, the hybrid working in the post-pandemic era has had a big impact on the retail market in India. “We are seeing more and more premium-ness or premiumisation in T3+ cities as well,” he added.

Talking about the buying trends in the gaming market in India, the Dell executive said that India’s gaming market is slightly different from the rest of the world and the gaming market is set to triple in India in the coming five years. “You have the gateway and then you have the pro players. And the needs are very different for those two segments. So the entry-level gamers, they look for performance and they want to use that PC for their regular use as well. While pro gamers, who are Alienware’s true customers, don’t compromise on performance at all,” he added.

“We think gaming is doing very well in the country, and over the next three to five years, we see this market triple from what it is today,” he added.

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