Delhi-based startup launches smart helmet to combat air pollution


The pandemic was extremely worrying not only for individuals but also for corporates. Various industries were badly hit by several pandemic-induced factors, but one industry that was only marginally affected was the tech industry. For tech companies, this was an opportune time to introduce gadgets that serve new purposes, such as technology-powered face masks. But nothing like this happened with helmets that protect your entire face and head as well. A Delhi-based startup is hoping to change that.

Shelios Technolabs, headquartered in New Delhi, has launched a helmet that, apart from protecting your head, will purify the air you breathe. Aptly called the Puros, the helmet features an H13 grade HEPA filter that prevents suspended particles, such as PM2.5, from entering as part of the patented technology.

in one Interview Along with Digit, IIT-Roorkee alumnus, Amit Pathak, who is the brain behind the air-purification technology used in this helmet, said the air-purification system is attached to the back of the helmet’s shell. It uses rechargeable battery to run. But the air purification will not start until you press the button.

“When you press the button on the back, the fan on the inside of the helmet is triggered, which draws in air and passes it through the filter membrane,” said Pathak. “The filter takes out PM2.5 particles, and the clean air is then circulated through the ducting to the bike rider’s breathing area. In addition, there is a chin curtain, so that polluted air does not re-enter from the front side,” he explained.

According to tests conducted by an independent laboratory in New Delhi, the air purification system in the helmet can filter out more than 80 percent of pollutants. This is good news, especially if you’ve been biking or riding a scooter for the better half of the day, mainly because your job involves it. It is also useful for shorter ride times, such as your commute between your home and office, especially with the increased fear of smog as winter approaches North India.

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But implementing such technology isn’t cheap, which is why Shelios’ air-purifying helmet costs Rs 4,500 — four times the price of a regular helmet. So, while health conscious people can easily buy helmets, the price is ambitious for the lot which mainly comprises of workforce engaged in item delivery. Pathak acknowledged that the company hasn’t been able to serve those customers and that “it’s a challenge.” A cheaper model with similar functionality is one that can propel the brand into the mainstream.

The air pollution-fighting smart helmet first appeared on BGR India after a Delhi-based startup.

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