Comment on Microsoft Lumia 830’s cheaper variant passes certification, Verlio hints at imminent launch


Isha’s answer

Maybe not. At least here in the US, the 730 hasn’t seen daylight. And I’ll bet this new device will drop the qi. The 830 should have been issued in the US at $299, while the 730 was priced at $229. But then again, the 730 isn’t even available, and AT&T doesn’t even carry an 830 in stores. On the MS site, it’s an outrageous $499. MS should lower the prices of all their phones like they are doing with low-end phones. How can one say that 830 is more than 5 times 535: $499 versus $90? This is absolutely insane. You don’t increase the global 3% market share by charging $499 with an SD 400 processor, 1 GB of RAM, and a 720p screen.

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