Clubhouse is finally getting support for web listening

Clubhouse denies allegation of it leaking users' numbers on the dark web

Clubhouse is making slow and gradual progress in making its platform available to users around the world. At the time of its launch in 2020, Clubhouse was only available to iOS users on an invite-only basis. Then last year the company rolled out its Android app. It made its platform openly available to all users around the world. Now the company is taking its platform a step further by making it available on the web.

Clubhouse has announced that it is rolling out support for web listening on its platform. With this update, Clubhouse users will be able to listen to Clubhouse Rooms from their favorite creators on the web via their phones and laptops. What’s interesting is that Clubhouse users don’t need to download the app or log in to their accounts to listen to a room. They can simply visit Clubhouse’s web-based platform to engage in conversation. However, creators will still need to visit the Clubhouse app to start the new room.

For the time being, Live Listening will be available on all major web browsers with Replay and Live Rooms enabled with Replay, Clubhouse said in a post. The company is rolling out this feature to users in the US as an experiment and it will be available to more users over time.

share button improvements

In addition to introducing support for web listening, Clubhouse is also improving its share button. Clubhouse said it is rolling out the ability to tap shares on Clubhouse. With this feature, the followers of the user will know about the room that the user is listening to. The company said that now when users tap on the ‘Share’ button at the bottom of the Live Room or Replay, they will see three options – share via social network, copy the link to share via messaging app and Share on Clubhouse. , Tapping the third button will allow them to share the room with their followers. Users will also be able to comment while sharing the room with their followers. Followers, on the other hand, will see the shared room in their hallway and join if the room is live.

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