Clubhouse Back Channel Message Feature Launched: Here’s how it works

Clubhouse Backchannel messaging feature launched: Here's how it works

The Clubhouse social audio app on Wednesday launched a new live messaging feature called backchannel. The new Clubhouse backchannel will allow users to chat one by one and group text. The feature has a second inbox for message requests.

The invited-only app has made this announcement on its Twitter handle. “After we inadvertently leaked their feature five times, our favorite engineering team is introducing the new Clubhouse backchannel intr 🥰,” the tweet read.

Clubhouse Backchannel: What it is, how it works

As mentioned, Clubhouse is a new direct messaging service on the backchannel platform. The feature is available for both iOS and Android. At this point, users can chat with each other and in groups. They can send links as well. The feature doesn’t have the option to share photos and videos yet, but the functionality is expected to come soon with some other features. There will also be a secondary secondary inbox where message requests will be live.

Through the back channel, a speaker can ‘chat with your co-host, ask the next question or decide who to pull from the audience.’ Simply put, speakers can organize or coordinate in advance via message during active room. Listeners will also be able to chat with their other friends when they are active at home.

To recall, Clubhouse made an entry into the social media hub last year. Although it was an iOS-exclusive application, it has gained widespread popularity and this led to the platform launching an Android version this May. The company cites that the app has created more than 500,000 homes on Android devices every day with more than 8 million downloads. While the new direct messaging service is sure to be welcomed by a wide audience, Clubhouse has probably launched it to take over Facebook Live audio rooms with its Twitter and Facebook space and the functionality of similar text chats. It explains how the Clubhouse backchannel works-

Clubhouse Back Channel: Where to get it, how to send a message

Step 1- Update the Clubhouse app from the related App Store (if you don’t) have

Step 2- Once done, launch the application, tap on the aircraft icon which you will find at the bottom right of the app’s home screen and inside the cell.

Step 2- From there you will be able to see your messages.

Step 3- In the top right you can create a new personal or group message by tapping the pen and paper icon.

At the moment, the back channel feature does not offer the option to delete chats, but Clubhouse notes that this will enable the option in the future.

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