ChatGPT suffers mega outage, chat history unavailable for most users


As major social media websites suffer periodic outages, AI conversational service ChatGPT was in turn shut down for most users, including paid customers, and their chat history was also unavailable for several hours.

ChatGPT, a product of Microsoft-owned OpenAI, suffered a day-long outage as users were unable to take help from it for writing, coding as well as multiple subjects. The issue affected ChatGPT on the web, and also affected paid subscribers of ChatGPT Plus which is now available in India.

OpenAI said in an update late Monday that it is gradually rolling out a fix that “will be received by users as capacity allows”. According to the website-monitoring service DownDetector, a major outage began and was not fully restored until approximately 12 hours later.

Even though the service is back online, some issues are still occurring. “Service has been restored, but conversation history is still not available,” OpenAI said. “We have a root cause for the loss of conversation history and are now actively working to restore it,” it added.

The latest update from OpenAI on Tuesday said: “We have fully restored ChatGPT service for all users. We are continuing to work on restoring previous conversation history for users.” One affected user posted on Twitter: “ChatGPT going down in 2023 is like Wi-Fi going down in 2013.”

OpenAI announced last week that ChatGPT Plus, a subscription service for accessing its text-generating AI, is now available in India. GPT-4, a sophisticated AI model released by OpenAI, is included in ChatGPT Plus. Compared to GPT-3.5, the new AI model is more reliable, creative and capable of handling complex instructions.

In addition, subscribers to the paid tier get early access to new features including GPT-4. ChatGPT Plus, which was released in the US in February after a brief preview period, costs $20 per month.





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