Charging the phone overnight is risky: 4 more things to avoid doing with your phone

Charging phone overnight is risky: 4 other things to avoid doing with your phone

Phone battery explosions have become a common occurrence these days. The latest phenomenon is that the OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone explodes and mainly harms the users. Several incidents of OnePlus Nord 2 blasting have been reported since its launch earlier this year. Mentioning the reason, the company in most cases said that the problem is over the customer and the product is safe to use.

As OnePlus claims, all smartphones of all brands go through different quality and safety tests, including different levels of pressure and impact testing. However, there may be some exceptions, keep in mind the infamous Samsung Galaxy Note 7 here.

Phone explosions can be the result of many things. Where one reason may be improper quality testing by the company, in other cases, customers are responsible. Since phone battery blasting incidents have become so common these days, we’ve listed five factors that could potentially cause such a catastrophic event.

Refrain from doing these 5 things with your phone

Physical damage to the device or battery

One of the most common causes of phone batteries is a damaged battery. A lot of times when you drop your phone, the battery gets damaged, which leads to short-circuits, overheating and more. When a battery is damaged, in most cases it swells, which can be detected by looking at the rear panel.

Solution: If you ever find a problem with the battery swelling, take your phone to a service center before it burns out.

Using an informal charger

This is one of the most common causes for battery explosion. Brands always advise consumers to use the official charger, but this is often avoided. Charging the phone with someone other than the proprietary charger can always be risky, and third party chargers lack the necessary features of a mobile device. In most cases, cheap and unproven chargers can overheat the phone and damage internal components, including the battery.

Solution: Always use an official charger to charge your phone.

Overnight charging

That’s right. Charging the phone overnight can also cause the battery to explode. Most of us have a habit of keeping our mobile phone charger on all night, which is actually bad for the health of your phone. Excessive charging for long periods of time leads to short-circuits and sometimes explosions. For this reason, when the battery charging level is 100 percent, several chips come with a built-in capability to automatically stop the current flow. But there are some phones that do not come with this capability.

Solution: Do not charge your phone overnight.

The battery is exposed to water or direct sunlight

Exposure of the phone’s battery to direct sunlight or water can cause the battery to explode. Excessive heat can destabilize cells and produce gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, which can cause the battery to swell and eventually explode. So, it is better not to keep the phone in direct sunlight.

Similarly, exposing a phone / any electronic device to water can affect the interior, including the battery, causing an explosion. Nowadays some phones come with IP certification, but such options are limited. IP certification does not mean that the phone can be immersed in water in any way. There should be no electronic gadgets.

Solution: Keep your phone away from water or direct sunlight.

Processor overload

In most cases, the processor may overheat the phone as a result of multi-tasking and gaming sessions. Such heating problems can damage the battery after an explosion. To avoid such incidents, OEMs have started adding a heat lock feature, which controls heating problems.

Solution: When your phone gets hot during a multi-tasking or gaming session, rest it for a while.

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