CES 2022: This Mercedes-Benz concept car covers 1,000 km on a single charge


Mercedes-Benz showcased its Vision EQ1 concept car, which covers a range of 1,000 km on a single charge, during its virtual CES 2022 keynote. Interestingly, the company has managed to achieve this by using the same size battery as the EQS, that too in a smaller sedan. Plus, it surpasses the EQS, becoming the most aerodynamic car in the world with a drag coefficient of 0.17.

While the car currently remains a concept, the company claims that it is very close to being ready for production. In the keynote address, it said that it would have a road-legal version of the car with a range of 1,000 km to prove the claim.

During the keynote, the company revealed that the Vision EQXX uses only 10kWh battery per 100 km. To put this in perspective, its petrol counterpart will manage to deliver 100 km of driving range per litre.

In addition to the concept, the company also showcased new-age technologies and materials that it will use to offset its carbon footprint in the future.

The Vision EQXX concept uses a new modular EV architecture, which can also be used in the A-Class. With this, the company has managed to keep the weight of the car at just 1,750 kg. Also adding to the range of 25 km, the Vision EQXX comes with solar panels on its roof. However, in order to provide this huge range, Mercedes-Benz compromised on performance, with the Vision EQX having only 201 bhp, thus making it slower than the EQS.

Coming to the internals, the Vision EQXX comes with a new Hyper Screen, which is a 47.5-inch 8K OLED panel with local area dimming, a 3D mapping system and more.

The concept car has a range of sustainable materials, such as cactus-based leather, bamboo carpet, and synthetic silk, as an alternative to genuine leather and other materials that may not harm the environment or kill animals.

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