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Center bans 20 Pakistan YouTube channels for sharing anti-India content

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As per the latest report from economic times, 20 YouTube channels and two websites have been taken down under the arbitral guidelines of the IT Act and the Digital Media Code of Conduct. These YouTube channels and websites were allegedly operating from Pakistan and running anti-India content.

The report said that I&B secretary Apoorva Chandra directed YouTube and DoT to remove the content or take necessary action as it violates the sovereignty and integrity of the country. In an official statement, I&B officials clarified that the ‘anti-India content’ was being circulated by Pakistan with the help of Inter-Services Intelligence.

One of the groups identified on YouTube was ‘New Pakistan’ With over 2 million customers. The channel was running fake/false news on various issues like Kashmir, farmers’ protest in India, Article 370 and Ayodhya. The total subscriber base of banned YouTube channels is estimated to be over 3.5 million, with a total viewership of 500 million.

Another portal named ‘Naya Pakistan Group’ Was found sharing anti-India content on 15+ YouTube channels with a subscriber base of over one million. Reports reveal that the channel, like PM Modi, conceded defeat in Kashmir, reinstated Article 370, Taliban forces left Kabul for India, Tayyip Erdogan sent 35,000 mercenaries to Kashmir, and Turks The army entered the Ayodhya Ram temple in revenge, calling them “concrete efforts to stir up unrest in India”.

Officials said the decision to block these channels and websites would be placed before the Inter-Departmental Committee (IDC) within 48 hours. As per Section 16 of the IT Rules, the Ministry of I&B can block such material which is considered “necessary or expedient and proper to block”.

The report also reveals that these YouTube channels were reportedly the first to be flagged off by security agencies. After which the Ministry of Information investigated for more information.

Sharing more details, a senior official said, “This is the first time that emergency powers under the IT Rules, 2021 have been cited to ban anti-India propaganda websites.”

A post banning 20 YouTube channels in Pakistan by the Center for sharing anti-India content first appeared on BGR India.


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