Can’t Open VLC Media Player on Your PC? here is the reason


The Indian government has banned one of India’s most popular media players – VLC Media Player – in the country. The media player cannot be accessed through the official website of its developer, VideoLAN, nor can an executable (exe) file of the application be downloaded to a Windows laptop. However, Android and iOS users can still download the media player from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

It should be noted that this restriction is nothing new. MediaNama reported this ban about two months ago. However, the actual ban was in place long before that. The government has not shed any light in this regard. However, VideoLAN has confirmed the ban through multiple tweets on its official Twitter handle. “If you are in India, please help us,” the company wrote in a tweet in response to a report of VLC being banned in India.

However, VideoLAN has not commented on the matter as to what caused the ban. Responding to a question on how users can help the company resolve the matter, VideoLAN said, “Contact your local government and representatives to get an answer.”

Why is VLC Media Player banned in India?

As far as the reason for this ban is concerned, reports suggest that the VLC media player was banned in India as it was used by China-backed hacking group Cicada for cyber attacks in the country. The report also detailed how the VLC media player was used by Cicada hackers to deploy malicious code on targeted systems as part of their wider cyberattack campaign.

However, VideoLAN denied the claims, saying that the Cicada hackers used a modified version of the VLC media player for the cyberattack, which is not available on the official Microsoft, Google and Apple stores.

what happens next?

If you are planning to download VLC media player on your PC right now, you can no longer do so in the country. However, if you downloaded and installed the application before the ban, you can continue to use it without any problems. It is possible that you may not get any updates on the application.

Some Android and iOS users are still using VLC Media Player on their smartphones. VideoLAN says this is probably due to differences in ISPs.

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