Canon launches new EOS R100 camera with ‘pancake’ lens in India


Canon India has launched its most compact, lightest and affordable camera – the ‘EOS R100’ with RF28mm f/2.8 STM lens – the first ever pancake prime lens in its RF lens line-up. The pancake lens is capable of delivering exceptional image quality in a remarkably small and portable form, and the new lens has been developed based on input from photographers.

2.5 cm tall and weighing no more than a bar of soap at about 120 grams, the RF28mm f/2.8 STM is as thin as the word ‘pancake’, the company said.

In addition, the new Canon EOS R100 comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity so that users can easily share photos on social media via the Canon Camera Connect app via their smartphone. It is designed with a flexible viewfinder and generous grip for users to start shooting like a professional photographer.

For more hands-on video content creation, features such as 4K video shooting and slow-motion movies with 120p high frame rate recording are available. With Eye Detection AF and Movie Digital IS function in Movie mode, users can keep people in focus and ensure stable footage, even when shooting on the move.

In addition to typical DSLR and mirrorless camera controls, the new Canon EOS R100 comes with Creative Assist mode, which lets users change settings using common terms such as ‘Background Blur’, ‘Brightness’ and ‘Saturation’.

Alternatively, users can also access Scene Mode and Scene Intelligent Auto, where the camera chooses the best settings for their scene or ideal result.


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