Call of Duty Warzone God Mode Ricochet cheaters gun down players


Call of Duty Warzone is now offering players God Mode in case fraudsters are detected in the lobby. As per the details shared by the developer in the official blog post, the anti-cheat team was testing a damage shield that prevents a player from cheating during a match.

Damage Shield is a mitigation technology in Call of Duty Warzone’s new Ricochet anti-cheat software that disables a cheater’s ability to ‘inflict serious damage’ on other players.

“RICOCHET Anti-Cheat™ relies on data to identify fraudulent behavior and make our ban waves more effective. As we collect data from machines determined to be fraudulent, we aim to ensure that they Not taking winnings from our deserving community,” the post states.

“Proceeding, excessive, or repeated violations of a security policy – ​​such as in-game fraud – may result in the permanent suspension of all accounts. In addition, concealment, concealment, or obfuscation of your identity or the identity of your hardware devices Any attempt to do so may also result in permanent suspension.

Permanent suspensions for security violations apply to any breach in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare®, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Call of Duty: Vanguard, as well as Call of Duty. franchise,” the developers noted under their Integrated Security and Enforcement Policy.

While cheating is spreading like wildfire in major games, developers are working round the clock to bring down this unpopular case. The issue has escalated to the fact that pro players, including console ones, are increasingly disallowing cross-play with PC due to the increasing number of cheats.

Hacking has been a serious problem in Warzone, and Activision is implementing anti-cheating initiatives like native kernel-level drivers for PCs.

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