Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 Wild Dogs launching on April 28: All you need to know


Activision has announced that the fourth season of Call of Duty Mobile will arrive on April 27 when Wild Dogs goes live. Season 4: Wild Dogs adds a plethora of new content to Call of Duty on mobile, including new maps, a new event, battle royale map changes, and more.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 – New Maps and Game Modes


Introduced as a launch map with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the satellite is set in the central African desert of Angola, where a top-secret American crashed the KH-9 satellite. Battle high and low at multiple vantage points on the map and through the trenches around the central satellite. Check your sixes as you navigate the caves, and whatever you do, watch the snipers take positions in the dunes.

ruined hideout

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, featured for the first time in the Khandor hideout – an urban neighborhood featuring a central laboratory in the desert – is coming to Call of Duty: Mobile. As with many interior locations, it is a battle for a position of power, with the victors gaining prominence over enemy activity in the streets below. Still, with so many scenic spots located around garages, signal towers, market areas, and labs, there’s always the danger of being dethroned in a flash. Know your angles and reign supreme.

ground war

Prepare for 12v12 battles on Satellite and Aniyah Insertion, featuring vehicles and multiple capture points that your team must capture to earn points. Use motorcycles, antelope, ATVs and tanks to bring your forces into battle. There are a total of six capture points, and the first team to score 300 points wins. Capture all six to blast the victory screen.

Battle Royale: Sandstorm

Throughout Season 4, sandstorms will randomly appear in the battle royale, appearing like a wall of sand on the horizon. Operators wishing to brave the elements will discover a plethora of special items such as thermal sights and high level loot, though watch out for the dust devils that stun players running too close. And keep an eye out for the Throwable Turbulence Generator – a new object that generates a steady stream of turbulent air. Use it strategically inside and outside sandstorms.

In addition to the new maps and game modes, players can also add two new items to their arsenal. Players can expect a number of updates and improvements to the game in this release on top of new seasonal challenges, lucky draws, bundles, and more.

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