Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: Rush is coming March 29th: See details


Activision has shared details about the upcoming season of its popular game Call of Duty Mobile. Dubbed as ‘Rush’, the company not only revealed the launch date for Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 via a blog post, but it also revealed details about the game’s battle pass, maps and scorestreak, among other things. Is. Interestingly, this announcement comes at a time when Microsoft and Activision are at loggerheads over the fate of Gate. To recall, Activision recently said that it plans to support CoD Mobile ‘for the long haul’. Microsoft, on the other hand, has stated that it plans to gradually phase out the game after it acquires the company.

CoD Mobile Season 3: When Will Rush Come?

Activision has said that COD Mobile Season 3: Rush will launch on March 29 at 5PM PT or March 30 at 5:30AM PT.

What’s new in CoD Mobile Season 3: Rush?

As mentioned earlier, COD Mobile Season 3 brings several updates to the game. Here’s what’s changing in play:

battle pass

Activision says that CoD Mobile Season 3: RUSH Battle Pass has free and premium items. Free tiers include a remote-controlled drone equipped with an automatic grenade launcher that unlocks at Tier 14 and the Wheelson Scorestreak at Tier 21, the HDR sniper rifle, and a variety of camos, weapon blueprints, and cordite can be found at Tier 21 . 50.

The Premium Pass membership, on the other hand, gives users the chance to earn all the content available in Rush Stream, including hard-partying operator skins like Rivas – Neon, Darkwave, Domino – Tech Spectrum, and Stitch – Disciple. Get in on the action with neon-colored blasters like the KRM-262 – Smiling Face, KN-44 – Candy Bracelet, and Razorback – Treble in the club, and get a blueprint featuring the new Season 3 weapon, HDR – Iridescent lines,” the company wrote in a blog post.

Similarly, the Battle Pass subscription enables users to recruit with Ground Forces, which provides additional rewards such as a 10 percent boost to Player and Weapon XP each season, as well as a limited discount on 10x crate pulls.

COD Mobile Season 3 Ground Force rewards include ZEN – Miasma Operator Skin, BK57 – Music for Life Weapon Blueprint, and Backpack 3 – DJ’s Bass.

new maps

COD Mobile Season 3 includes a new multiplayer map Rush, a professional paintball facility specializing in a high-speed competitive version of the game, where teams navigate around inflatable obstacles and other obstacles in their hunt for the opposition. Have to do

It also brings Single Player Map Training, in which players can choose a map with multiple options and load in solo. They can also add enemy bots and adjust their difficulty, activate abilities such as unlimited ammo and invisibility, and use the Gunsmith’s perks to test out different weapon setups.

In addition, the latest season brings a Safe House that transports players to a secluded bunker, with the option to display their favorite operator, weapon and vehicle skins as well as their recent achievements and other profile information.

New themed event: Chromatic Fade

The upcoming season also brings a brand new event, where players earn colored bullets by completing various in-game actions. “Earn new rewards for participating, like JAK-12 – Waves of Harmony, Carver Butcher – Spaced Out, and Calling Card – Surveyor Master,” the company said.

Rush also has a new signature attachment for the CR-56, the CR56 — GRD-11.

draws new weapon

CoD Mobile Season 3 also includes several new weapon draws. This season, players will have the chance to unlock both Dusk – the Drawing Dark Operator skin and his new Mythic Weapon – along with other weapon blueprints and skins. Other draws include Nico’s Gothic Bass, Klepto’s Persuasion, and Cipher’s Tokyo Cruiser.

Lastly, CoD Mobile Season 3 gives players access to the Hunt Battle Pass, which includes epic operator skins like Mace – Tombstone, Makarov – Splinter, Outrider – Amazons, and Mara – Valkyrie.

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