Bluetooth LE audio is coming to your headphones this year: what it is, how it will change your experience


Bluetooth technology has mostly remained unchanged over the years, especially when it comes to audio devices. Apart from the occasional improvement in bit-rate and the introduction of AptX by Qualcomm in 2020, which improved audio quality and reduced latency, the technology hasn’t seen any significant improvements over the years. But that changes with Bluetooth LE audio that will make its way to wireless headphones and TWS earbuds later this year.

Bluetooth SIG, the organization that develops Bluetooth and sets its standards, first announced Bluetooth LE audio in 2020. At the time, the organization said that the standard would be available on assistive devices later that year. However, the pandemic derailed all those plans and now after a delay of almost two years, Bluetooth SIG has finally released the standard for device makers. This means that audio devices powered by Bluetooth LE Audio should hit the market sometime later this year.

What is Bluetooth LE Audio?

For the unversed, Bluetooth LE audio is the next generation of Bluetooth audio. The newly introduced Bluetooth standard – LE Audio – improves wireless audio performance by adding support for hearing aids, and brings a new set of features under the Auracast umbrella, which will expand the scope of connectivity between devices by many folds. At its core, Oracast will enable a single Bluetooth enabled device to be connected to multiple devices at once, with a maximum of two devices available at the moment. This new standard, namely Bluetooth LE Audio, will also pave the way for a greater use case for audio devices.

Bluetooth SIG says that while Classic Audio works on Bluetooth Classic radios, LE Audio will work on Bluetooth Low Energy radios. “LE Audio not only supports the development of the same audio products and use cases as Classic Audio, it introduces exciting new features that help improve their performance and create new products and use cases. enables,” the organization wrote on a page explaining the technicalities.

How will Bluetooth LE Audio change your experience?

Now, Bluetooth LE Audio comes with a slew of features that will greatly improve the overall user experience. Here are some of its more defining features:

Low power usage: Bluetooth LE audio is designed to be more power efficient. As noted by The Verge, this new codec will deliver higher audio quality at the same bit rate. Alternatively, it can also provide better audio quality at half the current bit rate. A lower bit rate means less power consumption, which in turn will help extend the battery life of audio devices.

Bluetooth SIG says the low power capability of Bluetooth LE Audio will enable new types of audio peripherals – such as a wider range of Bluetooth enabled hearing aids, smaller, less intrusive and more comfortable hearing aids.

orcast: Bluetooth LE Audio will also offer a new set of features under the Oracast umbrella. For starters, it will enable users to broadcast audio from a single device to an unlimited number of devices or audio receivers such as earbuds, speakers and hearing aids.

“It will let us invite others to share in our audio experience, it will enable us to fully enjoy television in public places, creating what was once silent and creating a more complete viewing experience, and this will allow us to hear our best in various public places and environments,” Bluetooth SIG added.

In a dedicated page for Oracast, the organization explained that users will be able to join an Oracast broadcast, similar to a Wi-Fi network. Users will also be able to scan a QR code to join an Oracast broadcast.

Simply put, Bluetooth LE Audio allows your TWS earbuds to last longer and enables you to join broadcasts and connect to different devices at the same time.


As far as availability is concerned, Bluetooth SIG said that Bluetooth LE audio powered devices are expected to hit the market in the coming months. It remains to be seen whether it comes with backwards compatible or whether users will have to buy new devices to take advantage of it.

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