Black dot NFT not offered to buyers who pre-booked the phone (1) on Flipkart: Here’s how to get it


Flipkart is offering something extra for buyers planning to buy the Nothing Phone 1. The e-commerce website will hold the first sale of the phone on July 21. Flipkart is partnering with Nothing for the first NFT drop on FireDrop. FireDrops is hosted on the popular Polygon Blockchain.

Who will get NFT drops?

Flipkart customers who have pre-booked and subsequently purchased the Nothing phone during the pre-book sale period will be airdropped to the Nothing community. What these dots will do is provide access to unlock special perks for Nothing fans, including new products and early access to offline events. Community Dots is hosted on the Polygon Web3 infrastructure. Nothing NFT Drop on FireDrop is powered by GuardianLink – an NFT ecosystem company that enables brands and artists to launch NFTs.

Flipkart claims that it is its entry in Firedrops Web3. Earlier, with the launch of Flipkart Labs, the company announced its intention to explore NFT-related use cases that could transform the shopping experience of its users. FireDrops is one such feature that will be available on Flipkart Android and iOS applications from July 22. This limited-edition Nothing will enable Community Dots NFTs to be claimed by users who have purchased the Nothing phone (1).

Buyers who have pre-ordered the Nothing Phone 1 on Flipkart can follow the simple steps to get their NFTs. Community Dots NFTs will be available on Flipkart from July 12 to 18.

How to start the process of getting Black Dot NFT:

  • Complete the payment to buy the phone (1)

  • Flipkart will send an email after 7-10 days from the date of delivery

  • Customers can follow the given steps on email to claim their Black Dot NFT

Jayandran Venugopal, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Flipkart, said, “Flipkart has always been at the forefront of innovation in all aspects of digital commerce. We are delighted to join hands with Nothing to bring our customers to the web3 playground with the first NFT drop on Flipkart FireDrops, hosted on Polygon’s blockchain.

Nothing recently announced Nothing Community Dots that were offered to the company’s community investors as well as customers who pre-booked the Nothing Phone 1.

“We recently announced Nothing Community Dots to create more meaningful relationships with our community. This is a step forward in that direction”, said Manu Sharma, VP & GM, Nothing India. He added, “ We recently introduced the Phone (1), our first smartphone and a gateway to the connected and open product ecosystem of the future. Going forward, we plan to make not only the phone category but other ecosystem devices future-ready by enabling sustainable and secure access to Web3.

Arjun Kalsi, VP of Growth at Polygon, said, “NFTs can completely transform the e-commerce experience, unlock verifiable digital ownership, increase usability, and drive greater community engagement. We are delighted to support Flipkart and Nothing in driving this innovation in a sustainable fashion.”


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