Bitcoin has hit 1 trillion market caps; Each digital currency has exceeded 54,000


Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, has made a new development in Asian trading. The price of Bitcoin reached 1 trillion market cap on Thursday. Indian crypto leaders hoped to record a new number of active crypto investors in India and its neighboring countries.

The Indian cryptocurrency market is expected to reach 1 241 million in India by 2030 and 2. 2.3 billion globally by 2026.

According to a report by Nasscom, a leading company in the IT industry, 15 million retail investors in India are investing in cryptocurrency space.

“The recent jump in Bitcoin prices is a big message for the world. In the post-epidemic world, Bitcoin has emerged as the best performing asset class of 2021, moving institutional and retail investors from slow / traditional endowment assets to high growth / technology led assets.” CEO Shivam Thakral., BuyUcoin.

There has been a paradigm shift in the types of investments worldwide that are outlined by data shared over time through crypto exchanges.

“India is home to about 1.5 crore active crypto investors, which amounts to 40 40 billion investment in crypto, and it is only a part of the iceberg. The middle class in India is willing to explore digital resources to create long-term wealth to meet their goals, which may not be possible through any other wealth class.

Crypto Asset Exchange ZebPay has launched India’s first Global Electronic Over-the-Counter (OTC) desk for large volume traders and institutional investors worldwide.

Abinash Shekhar, co-CEO of JBP, said the company aims to build a strong crypto ecosystem and a diversified business where the needs of both retail and institutional investors are seamlessly met.

“Through ZebPay OTC Desk, we are talking about the growing institutional interest in crypto globally and in India. This will further encourage crypto adoption in the country and help create a mark for India as a major player in this emerging space, ”he added.

Jay Hao, chief executive of, said that during the slight decline last month, crypto-related investments saw record flows due to the growing global adoption of crypto assets.

“The same pace is driving up the prices of other popular crypto assets such as Ethereum, Dogcoin and Shiva Inu, among others. India and its neighbors are key drivers of Southeast Asia’s crypto economy and will continue to dominate the region due to the large number of active crypto investors, “Hao said.

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Post Bitcoin has hit 1 trillion market cap; BGR India has surpassed 54 54,000 per digital coin

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