BGR Tech Excellence Awards 2021: Industry experts talk about the ‘future of 5G’

4 organized the 2nd edition of BGR Tech Excellence Awards. The purpose of the awards is to reward the best in the tech industry to foster recognition and further innovation. We also had an in-depth panel discussion on India’s endeavor with 5G technology and how it is capable of changing the landscape around us.

Industry experts and stakeholders participated in a panel discussion about the future of 5G. Panelists include Madhav Sheth CEO, Realme India; Amit Marwah Head of Marketing & Corporate Affairs, Nokia India and Ankur Jain Managing Director, MediaTek India.

Panelists were asked their views on the expansion of 5G and where their brands stood in terms of 5G implementation.

Sheth explained why 5G is not just a possibility but an inevitable phenomenon. Realme was one of the first brands in the industry to announce the roll out of affordable 5G smartphones in India.

Sheth explained that “5G is going to be extremely important in the near future, not just in terms of hardware, but software and industry as well.” He further added, “5G is currently an unstoppable process which has now become a global trend. It is a global phenomenon. It is important to understand why Realme entered 5G long before the launch of 5G services. ”

Elaborating on the importance of the upcoming spectrum, Sheth said, β€œ5G is about an entire ecosystem, the ecosystem of IoT, which will be connected to billions of devices. Then 5G is going to be very important. I also believe that it is basically an advancement on 4G LTE networks. As a brand, we have invested over $300 million in research and development on 5G alone.”

Asked how 5G will help transform lives in the future, Amit Marwah, Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Nokia India said, “We see 5G as a revolution in technology. Going to 4G, it was an evolution. When we get to 5G, it’s going to be a revolution. I’m saying this because it’s going to enhance the experience manifold. We’re talking about 10 times more capacity It is a revolution that will bring use cases and possibilities to not only connect mobile data and broadband data but take it into the domain of the industry. 5G is, in my view, like the first ‘G’ for machines Is.”

Ankur Jain, Managing Director, MediaTek India, explained how the chipset will be an important part of the 5G expansion in India. Jain said, β€œIn the last two years, we have really seen a massive adoption of products like smart TVs, smartphones, set up boxes, routers etc. All these devices have a chipset which acts like their heart and mind. So you know that chipsets play a very important role in providing these devices. In terms of 5G, we think this is a revolution and it is inevitable. Adopting 5G is important for Industry 4.0.”

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