BGMI Return to Poseidon Event: How to Get Poseidon X-Suite for Free

BGMI Return of Poseidon event: How to get Poseidon X-suit for free

The Battlegrounds Mobile India ‘Return of Poseidon’ event has just started and will continue till October 1.

Notably, the original version of BGMI, PUBG Mobile, is hosting the same event where players can unlock several mythical costumes, emoticon avatar frames, etc.

If you are trying to find a way to catch this dress for free, we are here to help you. Players should note that the return of Poseidon Lucky Spin will last until October 1st.

Battlegrounds Mobile India ‘Return of Poseidon’ Event – How to Get Poseidon X-Suite for Free

You can get Poseidon X-Suits and other in-game items at the event through a lucky draw. You have to spend 60 UC for each lucky draw. You can try to draw a maximum of 10 at once.

You need to spend money when buying UC, if you do not want to invest cash in UC, you can use pieces of silver. But the prize depends on luck and judgment and it is recommended to continue the round until the 5th chance. The cost of trying Lucky Spin is here-

One Time Spin – 300 Silver (Silver can be used a maximum of 5 times)
One time spin – 60 UC (UC unlimited times in the game)
Ten times spin- 600 UC

To upgrade X-Suite to BGMI you will need Star Fragments which can be earned through Lucky Spin. Decorations can be upgraded to Level Five if found from the Research of Poseidon event.

3-Star Forge Stone and 100-Star Piece- Peer Interaction

5-star forged stone and 160-star piece- advance form

7-Star Forge Stone and 230-Star Piece- Victory Broadcast

9-star forged stone and 310-star piece- stock and fear

15-star forge stone and 500-star piece- final form

Other prizes at the event include Poseidon Parachute, Poseidon Backpack, Thunder’s Rod, Crazed Shark, Star Fragments, Starforge Stone and Poseidon Coin. Although the probability of getting this popular Poseidon costume is considered to be close to 0.94 percent, players can try their luck and spin at least five times to get new skin.

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