Between us the server was down for more than two days, the DDoS attack turned out to be fraudulent

Among Us game to arrive on PlayStation and Xbox consoles this December

Between us, the major indie ‘sneak-and-stab’ simulator hit has been attacked by a cheater. The fraudster in question is an ongoing DDoS (denial of service) attack that caused the developer to take the server offline for two days.

This issue occurred on Friday, March 24th as players among us started reporting server problems before it made it impossible for them to play the game online. Innersloth acknowledged the issue shortly after, confirming that the game did indeed have a DDoS attack that pulled the plug.

“We have a sabotage going on” the developer tweeted on the official account between us. The developer apologized for the downtime and said it will “take a while” before the issues are fixed.

With more than two days of downtime, it was difficult for most players to connect online. Innersloth further explained in an update yesterday that the servers were still unstable and that although the team is working to fight the attack, the servers may be functioning. “They may be on/off, but will update you when we think they’re stable, sorry!!!,” cited a follow-up tweet.

Apparently, Us Us went through a similarly dark path in 2020 when a hack filled the lobby with bots that took advantage of chat rooms. As PCGamer reports, the bots were flooded with spammed messages, after which players would be decapitated and left in a black room before being disconnected. The spammed messages prompted players to subscribe to the hacker’s ‘or else it will kill your device’ YouTube channel.

These issues have been a serious problem for major video companies and networks when it comes to DDoS attacks. According to reports, the PSN and Xbox Live networks were shut down in 2014. With large-scale companies having a harder time predicting and preventing their networks from being attacked, Innerslooth may take longer to come up with a solution.

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