Battlegrounds Mobile India ‘The Launch Party’ event day 1: Team Snax in the lead, SouL and Dynamo lag behind

Battlegrounds Mobile India 'The Launch Party' event day 1: Team Snax in the lead, SouL and Dynamo lag behind

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) ‘The Launch Party’ day 1 has concluded, where we got to see the top 18 creators of the country battle it out over three matches. The event saw a live peak viewership of over five lakh viewers.

Team Snax led the first day of “The Launch Party” event with 31 kills and 76 points. Team Snax won all three matches of the day. With 22 kills and 36 points, Team Kronten ranked second and Team Ronak with 13 frags and 35 points ranked third.

Team SouL and Team Dynamo, both extremely popular in the country, ranked fifth and fourteenth, respectively.

Battlegrounds Mobile India The Launch Party day 1

The event kicked off with the first match taking place on the Erangel map, which was won by Team Snax garnering 11 kills. Team Kronten ranked second.

The second match took place in Miramar and the third match took place on Sanhok, with both of these matches once again being won by Team Snax.

During the first match Team SouL got out early with seven kills. The second match was Team SouL and Team Dynamo took five and six kills. In the third match, Team SouL managed to get six frags.

Prize Pool

BGMI has announced that the prize pool for its ongoing ‘The Launch Party’ of a total Rs 6,00,000. The segregation is Rs 3,30,000 to the winner, Rs 1,50,000 to the runners up and Rs 1,00,000 to the third-place team. Krafton Inc is also offering a Rs 10,000 prize to the winner of its special Pan fight matches.

The second day of the event started at 6:30 PM with the first match in Erangel, the second match in Miramar, and the third match in Sanhok. Then there is a custom Pan Fight match which will take place at 9:30 PM.

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