Battlegrounds Mobile India July Update: Players face a number of problems, working on Crafton Fix

Battlegrounds Mobile India July update: Players facing several issues, Krafton working on fixes

Crafton recently released the first major content for Battlegrounds Mobile India earlier this week. The version 1.5.0 update or C1S1 update starts from the 20th season of the game. However, the Indian players have faced some problems after updating the game. Issues include unicorn-set clothing, a login prize, UC (in-game currency) purchases and more.

Battlegrounds Mobile India version 1.5.0 update has updated the new features and changes of the game. However, since the update, players have been complaining about multiple bugs. Crafton acknowledged the issues and is working to resolve them.

The company has asked players not to wear unicorn-set clothing until the bugs have been fixed, as it will get stuck on the loading screen. Players faced a problem logging for the ‘Hit the Bring’ event for the second day’s prize, which showed the mission card (S19) even though the 19th season had already ended. This issue has already been fixed.

Some players are also facing problems when it comes to purchasing in-game currency ‘UC’ and receiving erroneous messages after UCT is not occasionally claimed after the purchase. The agency said there was no immediate fix and players would need to contact customer care from within the game (Settings> Basic> Customer Service).

In addition to these, the developer has listed all the topics in it Tracker. Other issues include “not being able to claim the occasional award from the Daily Special Bundle” and “moving to the wrong page when using the claimed supply medal from the Advanced Supply Crate”.

To recall, we’ve seen a number of things noticed by Crafton before, including no super-smooth options in graphics settings, players not being able to adjust the sprint button in control settings, and not being able to keep up with events running through the Mini Ray TV. Patches have only been released for the first two issues, and the agency is still working to resolve other issues.

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