Battlegrounds Mobile India bans around 50,000 fraudsters, names revealed


Battlegrounds Mobile India has issued a new statement announcing that it has removed around 50,000 players from its game. These players found cheating were removed in just 6 days time. The restrictions weren’t just temporary, the developers have announced that these accounts have been removed permanently.

According to the latest statement released by BGMI, 48,847 accounts were permanently banned from January 10 to January 16. The developers also listed the names of all the fraudsters on their website. This is done to name and shame cheaters who mostly spoil the experience of legitimate gamers. List of fraudsters can be found Here,

In the statement, BGMI said, “Battlegrounds Mobile India will endeavor to implement strong sanctions with the ultimate goal of eliminating the use of illegal programs to provide you with an enjoyable gaming environment.”

BGMI recently launched a new update for its gamers in which many new features have been introduced. The January 1.8.0 update introduces new ranked and unranked match separations, a new Livic aftermath map, weapon changes, and more. The new update also introduced a new metric to discourage fraudsters.

new anti-fraud measures

After the update, a penalty is imposed on the player’s ‘merit’ score. Points are reduced for malicious behaviors such as team elimination or offensive chat. Decreased qualification levels can be reinstated based on gameplay time and contributions during the game, and rewards will be awarded to players who maintain higher qualification levels. Additionally, the receipt and outcome of fraud reporting has been improved to give players more detail.

new ranking segregation

After the January update, the rank matching and normal matching are separated. If you get into Ranked Matchmaking, Season Tier Points are reflected as before, and if you play in Normal Matchmaking, Season Tier Points are not affected.

In the new Liwick aftermath map, all the ice has melted as a result of a volcanic eruption. Players will now experience dust balls, hostile terrain, and similar settings. In a post-apocalyptic setting, even buildings have collapsed. Livic Aftermath can only be played in normal matches. However, this does not affect your Season Tier Points.

Nearly 50,000 fraudsters have been banned after Battlegrounds Mobile India reveals the names first appeared on BGR India.

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