Battlefield Mobile Beta for Android coming soon: details are given here

Battlefield Mobile to release soon: Map, game modes, player classes and more

Battlefield Mobile Beta for Android: Battlefield Mobile is not going to be released anytime soon, but the developer’s recent beta release has brought some excitement to the bombing community.

The publisher behind Electronic Arts (EA), Battlefield Mobile, has mentioned that it will host a beta for the game on Android this year and it has already started testing with limited players.

Battlefield Mobile for Android: When will the beta version be released, will it be free-to-play?

The Battlefield Mobile beta version for Android will launch this fall. EA has made this announcement on him FAQ page. Significantly, beta testing began in the autumn with ‘small game tests in Indonesia and the Philippines.’

The developer mentioned that it will soon launch a beta version of the game in other regions. ‘Early Access’ will be listed on the Google Play Store once the EA publishes it in a specific region.

“We are continuing the experiment, we will increase the size of this experiment, add new areas. When we’re ready to expand, we’ll launch a page that lets you pre-register for the game and sign up for future game test news, ”the EA noted on the FAQ page.

The developer has even confirmed that Battlefield Mobile will be a freemium game and will have its own battle pass, collectible cosmetics and unique unlockable for the mobile version.

“Battlefield Mobile is still under development and is being optimized to run on a variety of devices. This play test is available exclusively for phones running Android .0.0 and later. Mobile devices supported by this test do not represent the final launch version, and more model support in the future. Will do, ”the EA quoted on the FAQ page.

For content, the publisher will only add maps of the Grand Market and victories during the classic battlefield game mode-beta. Additional content will be made available near the final release of the game.

The report predicts that the upcoming EA game will provide an ideal battlefield experience, such as custom loadouts, customizable troops, battlefield game mode, tanks, and more.

Battlefield Mobile Beta for Post Android Rolling Out Soon: Details Here

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